22 Speakers Set to Headline LuzonCon

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METRO CLARK.  No less than 22 high-profile speakers shall headline the 1st Luzon ICT Conference (LUZONCON 2016).  The veritable who’s who in Philippine ICT shall converge upon Metro Clark and more specifically Angeles City on April 11 and 12, 2016 for the first ever Luzon ICT Conference.

Such an event is not set to happen again for Pampanga for at least a decade.  Why so?  Luzon is home to some 30 ICT Councils who are constantly vying to host such a prestigious event.  Indeed, to play host to a Luzon-wide gathering of the best minds in ICT can propel a city (or a province’s) stature in the national albeit global ICT scene.  Thus, the next Luzon summits will be moving from province to province, true to the vision of ushering global ICT investments into the countrysides as the next viable ICT investment destinations outside Metro Manila.

Metro Clark, a recognized Center of Excellence in ICT investments has undoubtedly led the race since its inception in 2009.  Metro Clark ICT Council Executive Director, incorporator and founding father Ervyn Rivera proudly says:  “Metro Clark has a profound and critical responsibility to support and advocate ICT development among its neighboring cities and provinces.  10 years ago, ICT was not even recognized as a “business” category.  Today, it leads the Region in employment generation and is the standard in industrial relations.  ICT is the present and the future. We should all embrace its presence and the vast opportunity it presents.  Without a tinge of a doubt, ICT is the future of the Philippines.  And we are proud to be at the very helm of this journey.”

We are all ICT, whether you are a student, studying Computer Programming, or an employee using E-mail daily, a parent Googleing a kitchen recipe, or just browsing through your friends’ Facebook timelines.  We are all ICT.  And we have a choice: to embrace this reality or to fall into the abyss of mediocrity and insignificance.  The Philippines, whether we accept it or not, is among the ICT capitals of the world.  We should all work to sustain and improve this status.  This requires the whole nation’s concern and participation.

Bring ICT to the countrysides and you will bring the Philippines to the world.

Attend LuzonCon. Be a part of the future.  www.luzoncon.com

By:  Celine Rivera







Free slots for Luzon ICT Councils


METRO CLARK.  In a bid to provide utmost support to Luzon ICT Councils, organizers of the 1st LUZONCON ICT Conference announced today that a limited number of free slots shall be made available to Councils that pre-register early for the conference.

As free slots are limited, availment shall be on a first-come-first-served basis.  A total of 40 free slots have been made available starting today April 5, 2016 until April 8, 2016.  Luzon ICT councils may avail of a maximum of two (2) free slots each for the first 20 slots and 1 slot each for the next 20 slots.  This is to give incentives to councils that show early interest to attend LuzonCon.

Event Director Ervyn Rivera clarifies: “as much as we would like to provide free slots for all 30+ Luzon Councils, budget is severely limited and so we would need to give due priority to Councils who are actually planning to attend and support LuzonCon.”

Regular admission fee to LuzonCon is PhP2,500 good for 2 days.  A one-day option is also available to PhP1,500.  ICT Councils and their members are however entitled to discounted rates at PhP1,500 (for 2 days) or PhP1,000 (1 day).  Student rates are PhP200 (2 days) and P150 (1 day), exclusive of banquet meals.

To avail of the free slots, Luzon ICT Councils need only to register online through http://www.luzoncon.com/registration. Upon accomplishment of the Online registration form, the Secretariat shall send an email confirmation of the registration and confirmation of the free slots.  Applicants shall need to present proof of registration/organization of their ICT Council, if not otherwise recognized by the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines, the umbrella organization of all ICT Councils in the country.

Learn more at http://www.luzoncon.com.



Students Welcome to LuzonCon 2016


ANGELES CITY.  Organizers of the 1st Luzon ICT Conference (LuzonCon2016) earlier announced that it is opening the event to students, particularly from IT or Tech fields as a means of reaching out to the next wave of talent for the ICT sector.

LuzonCon is first and foremost, a meeting of minds and stakeholders in the IT-BPM industry.  This should not discount students and young professionals who are about to embark on careers in this global and technically challenging field.  Schools are also encouraged to credit students’ attendance to LuzonCon to their OJT hours as an incentive.

The participation of students in the event is also a testament to the commitment of schools to expose their students to industry dialogues and immerse them in real world issues in their chosen career.  Students will be treated to invaluable learning and will be given an opportunity to address industry leaders and movers.  They will get a first hand glimpse at the industry trends and directions, aiding them in deciding on course specialization and encourage them to take alternative learning options to augment their skills and knowledge.

Metro Clark ICT Council Vice President Grace Fabros-Tyler, also the External Relations Director of the host venue, Systems Plus College Foundation remarks: “IT students must learn early on the intricacies of the industry.  Only through actual interaction with industry leaders can they have a true grasp of what the industry demands and how they can be successful in this field.”

Due to limited space, schools are urged to pre-register their students as only some 250 student delegates can be accommodated.  Given the number of schools in Angeles City and Pampanga alone, reservation will be strictly on a first-come-first-served basis.  A minimal admission fee of P200 shall be charged per student good for 2 days.  Although there are no meal allocations for student delegates, the venue shall provide student budget-meals and invite food concessionaires to the event.  Students are also free to have their meals in nearby fast food chains and restaurants.  Robinson’s Mall is just across the street afterall.

How to Register?  The organizers will be providing a special Student Group Registration Form to be accomplished by school officials.  Usual payment procedures shall apply.  The form shall be downloadable very soon from the event website at http://www.luzoncon.com.

For info and reservations, schools may get in touch with the LuzonCon2016 secretariat at (45)499-2245 or 0947-890-8642  or email:  metroclarkict@gmail.com.

Don’t miss this chance to participate in this rare event which may not come again to Pampanga for several years.

ICT’s Best Minds at LuzonCon 2016


LuzonCon speakers

METRO CLARK.  Information and Communication Technology’s best minds in the country are set to headline the first ever Luzon ICT Conference dubbed LUZONCON2016 promising to catapult Luzon, Philippines into the global ICT investment arena.

Organized by the Metro Clark ICT Council, with the full support of the Information and Communications Technology Office of DOST (ICTO) and the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), LuzonCon seeks to solidify the role of Luzon as the country’s most dynamic and fastest growing ICT destination.


Even today, Luzon is home to some 25 ICT Councils spread over its various provinces.  Luzon is undoubtedly the next frontier in terms of investment destinations among global ICT firms that have made the Philippines their ASEAN hub.  Indeed, Luzon is the next viable investment destination to NCR.  The organizers of LuzonCon have exactly this goal in mind, to decongest Metro Manila and usher development into the countrysides.  Luzon’s geographical accessibility from Manila poses the obvious advantage.  Luzon presents the immediate next catchment area for talent resource for the IT-BPM industry.

Going beyond call centers, Luzon is a rich resource of technical talent, rich with graduates and technopreneurs in Software development, Animation, Game Development and other IT and KPO outsourcing potentials.

Leading the way is Clark Freeport, with over 18,000 FTEs in its 110 IT-BPO companies, Clark is the undisputed hub in ICT in Central Luzon. This however is only the tip of the iceberg.  Clark is projecting some 75,000 new BPO jobs in the next 6 years.   This is a testament to the region’s ICT readiness and ability to absorb BPO investments.


FRANKIE VILLANUEVA-The President of Metro Clark ICT Council, Dr. Villanueva has led the local business chamber of Angeles City and as Director of Clark Development Corporation, has espoused the evolution of ICT for the last decade.

MONCHITO IBRAHIM-The veritable godfather of the Philippine ICT industry, serves as the Deputy Executive Director of the ICT Office of the DOST. He is also the founding father of the Philippine Next Wave Cities.

WILFREDO SA-A JR.-Cebu is the Philippines’ ICT emerged model. Jun Sa-a represents the successes of CEDFIT, the country’s first ever and arguably most successful ICT Council.

CONG. ROMAN ROMULO-The Philippines is in an ICT revolution, Congressman Roman is at the very helm of this journey.

JOHN RUERO-President of the Phil. Society of IT Educators.  ICT is nothing without Academe. John is its foremost advocate.

JOJO FLORES-The head of Plug N Play Tech Center, Jojo is perhaps the primary advocate of Technopreneurship in the Philippines. Startups, take heed.

ARTHUR TUGADE– Clark Freeport is the undisputed ICT hub outside Metro Manila and is also a Center or Excellence in ICT.  Metro Clark is also in the Top 100 Tholons Global ICT Destinations. Enough said.

ARNEL CASANOVA-The head of BCDA, Arnel is right at the helm of Clark Green City, a new Bonifacio Global City at the heart of Central Luzon.

MANUAL RAVAGO-The President of Tholons Philippines, Manuel shall enlighten Luzon stakeholders on just what it takes to become truly Global.

JHONNY LAGURA-The ever-enthusiastic advocate of inclusive development, find out how ICT can thrive even in the countrysides.

TODD OWENS-Having countless accolades under his belt including Apple, Todd shares his invaluable experience and expertise in global investment and competitiveness, himself investing in Metro Clark.

BENEDICT HERNANDEZ-Philippine ICT is undoubtedly also BPO, Benedict as the CEO of IBPAP gives us a perspective that defines the entire Philippine BPM industry.

EMMY LOU DELFIN-Emmy is perhaps one of the most recognizable personalities in Philippine ICT, being the Program Manager of ICTO. She will guide the delegates in strengthening their ICT footprint and presence.

RICH QUIN-The CEO of PGE Solutions, we shall find out if indeed our businesses are ready for the Cloud.

ERVYN RIVERA-The Executive Director of the host Council, Metro Clark, Jervs will be moderating the conference and is also the over-all director of LuzonCon.

Be a part of LuzonCon. Be a part of History.  Go to http://www.luzoncon.com




Wage Board Meets with ICT Groups in Region 3


Press Release/Good News

The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board, Region 3, held yesterday, March 15, a round-table discussion with key officials of the BPO Industry from Clark, Pampanga, at the RTWPB Office in San Fernando, Pampanga.

Atty. Anna C. Dione, DOLE Region 3 Director and RTWPB 3 Chairperson, told the guests that the Board wanted to touch-base with them to hear their insights on the industry that has created a lot of buzz lately due to its sterling contribution to the economy, especially on the thousands of jobs generated.

Representatives from the Metro Clark ICT Council explained that the top 15 BPO companies located at Clark alone are employing more than 17,000 workers and there are still 4,000 jobs that are unfilled.

It was also pointed out that in terms of revenues, physical exports at Clark Freeport has reached $2.45 billion during the 1st half of 2015, and this does not include revenues earned from service exports. Projected exports for 2015 were $5B.  The Capillon Group of Singapore is also planning to build a new super global hub, the Green Frontier at Clark, that will become home to several buildings for BPO companies and commercial establishments envisioned to generate 75,000 jobs.  As reported, groundwork for the new project has started which is estimated to cost around P7 billion.

Among the challenges being faced by the industry is the low employment absorption rate and lack of entrepreneurial advocacy.  The Council is also advocating ICT jobs among job seekers as they have the potential to become employers in the near future.

Other guests from the BPO Industry, particularly from Canon outsourcing company, also reported that their companies are giving performance and productivity-based incentives in the form of cash and in-kind benefits such as free trips abroad.

The dialogue was held in support of the NWPC program to engage stakeholders in the business industry and workers sector, under the hash-tag “EMA i.e. emancipate, motivate and achieve.”  Given the rising number of joblessness in the country, the dialogue also aims to determine the kinds of government intervention needed to make a positive impact on the industry, through government-initiated referral system between state universities and BPO companies. For its part, the RTWPB’s interventions are anchored on the productivity toolbox and the 2 tiered wage system.